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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Every Minute!

It's been a busy spring. I guess I have probably neglected this blog in the last few weeks because of that. I've kept up on my devotional blog, as well as my political blog, but I have neglected to post here.  Soooo, I will change that today with a few photos of some of what I have been doing.

Matthew and I posed as models for my sister and niece to help them prepare for an upcoming photo shoot.

Dirt work on the property....

Grumpy Cat

Happy Cat
Matt got a lesson driving CAT...neither will claim to be a catskinner for a long time, but they got the job done.


A trip north with the family - a wonderful lunch and good company with the birthday boy...I won't say which one. ;-)

Visiting the Japanese Gardens at Manito Park!
The Reflection Pool

God saved the most beautiful colors in
His pallet and His smallest detailing brush for
 the Mallard.

We have spent time with our baby girls...

And I have spent time in the yard weeding, planting a few flowers and putting out the hoses and summer furniture.  We attended the "Big Horn Show"; and had a nice dinner at Anthony's - one of my favorite places to dine, and another trip North. 

There have been other things we have done, that I am sure I just can't remember right now, but it has been a good start into the "good weather" season.  Looking for a few higher temperatures, and I am going to enjoy every minute!


  1. I love the picture of you and Matt!! I was hoping to see some on how it went. Very nice Mother and Son Photo :)
    and your property is looking nice!

  2. Thank you, Rachel. I will show you more of our photos when we see you. They all turned out well. And the ones we took at Manito as well. Thanks for the comment! ;-)

  3. looks like fun! that's a good pic you you and Matt! and Matt and Rachel ;) miss you guys!

  4. Thank you, Miss Laura! We miss you, too! ...bunches!