"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February Rambles

There is a "fingernail moon" tonight. So beautiful! And because of the bright, clear night, I could also see the outline of the full moon. I started to pull the blinds, but then raised them again to gaze a bit longer.

My son is safe, where he is supposed to be...

I got a new car. It was exactly what I wanted.

I slipped and fell flat today...landing in the thawing snow. There is only one way to get up, when I am down...and it ain't easy. My dress was soaked before I was on my feet.

My beagle likes apple horse biscuits.

My lab likes me.

Everyone is well (sort of) for the moment.

Vacations, empty, "new" houses, days off work, and news of new babies cheer me..no matter who it is that gets them.

Waiting is never, ever easy and so I wait and I wait and I wait. And then I wait some more. And yes, I meant to use the conjunction "so". If waiting were easy, I would not be required to wait. It is simply the way of it.

The horses had visitors today...and got extra carrots and extra treats, because the little two year old lass wanted to feed them, and touch them and smell them...there is a horse in her future, I am quite sure. She already gets it.

It is February, my favorite winter month and the sunniest of the season. Today was prime example.

It is now 6:24 pm. A bit closer to bed time.

Saw a moose in our downtown little town. Saw moose prints in my son's driveway.

Freeze and melt; freeze and melt; but we are on our way.

I follow politics; there is no way out of it. I have tried. I am protecting my faith, so we can continue to share our faith. I am a missionary, too. "Some have to churn and some get to take the cream off the top"...as my youngest sis says. Churning, churning, churning...I'm sorry some don't like it...but only a little.

We have new friends. They laugh with us, and visit like we have known each other forever.

I am still not writing or reading very well; thus this post.

Spring is coming.

"The best part of waking up, is [coffee] in your cup."


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