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JC's Books
For me, there has never been anything I enjoy more than perusing the shelves of a quiet, orderly, old fashioned book store. Peacefully searching until I had spotted just the right book was always the best way to spend an afternoon. I didn't want to hurry, or be interrupted; only to relax and enjoy. It was a way to escape from busy schedules, phone calls, and demanding agendas. At JC's Books, we want you to feel this same pleasure. We believe the customer is number one. It is our desire to give you the best on-line shopping experience there is. Our aim is to bring you quality books at a good price; wrapped with care; and delivered quickly. Hopefully, it will be
reminiscent of those days when the local bookstore
was the best place to be.
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Mistaken Identity
by Van Ryn and Cerak- $12.95

“The stunning true story of two families trading places from graveside to bedside,” the introduction tells us.

I don’t believe there is a greater grief than that of the loss of a child. Two families who have experienced such a loss share the details of their heart-wrenching story in Mistaken Identity. Five lives were tragically lost, but one was left gravely injured, lying comatose in a hospital after an accident that forever changed the lives of their loved ones.

It was a time of loss for all, and yet for others it was a time of stressful unknowing, tempered only by hope and prayer as one family sat by their daughter’s hospital bed for five weeks. Theirs is a journey that we would not want for anyone; but as they share their experiences, we learn  lessons of life, love, faith, and hope. Most of all, we learn that we have an Eternal Fortress, Whom never leaves us, nor forsakes us.

Mistaken Identity is an amazing story that will speak to the reader in that small whisper we know as God’s when He is trying to tell us something important. Their gripping story leaves you with a wonder that will compel you to believe there isn’t always an answer. There is however, always One Who will guide. This book is published by Howard Books and is written by Don and Susie Van Ryn; and Newell, Colleen and Whitney Cerak; along with Mark Tabb.


New Book

The Night Before Christmas                    
by Clement C. Moore  -  $14.95

This is a beautiful book for children, magically illustrated while telling the story of the classic poem - The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore. The illustrator is the very talented Richard Jesse Watson, who has allowed Santa to come to life through his art. Watson has captured our traditional Santa, but with an interesting travel source from the future. As you read this classic tale to your children or grandchildren, you will have as much fun looking at Watson's beautiful paintings as they do....and throughout it all, you will laugh at the incredible creativity of the illustrator's imagination uniting the past with a humerous touch from our present lives. This is a NEW copy of the edition published by Harper Collins in 2006.