"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Thursday, September 20, 2012

End of Season Refreshing

It was His gift to me. I won’t say I knew it from the moment I saw them, but throughout the morning it became apparent, Someone was thinking of me today, and wanted me to know it.

When I walked out to my garden to check on my remaining vegetables, birds were everywhere. Not intrusive or invasive like Starlings can be, but rather scattered throughout the yard creating a pleasant, garden atmosphere.  I stopped for a moment to see what was there.  I looked over at the wash tub my husband had put at the end of the garden, so that I might rinse off my vegetables before bringing them into the house. 

There were two birds there. Bluebirds!  And Mountain Bluebirds at that! They had been so rare this summer, that it surprised me to see them there. I looked around a bit more and saw that many of the birds flying around my yard today were indeed Bluebirds. In the distance a Meadowlark was singing his song causing me to stop and appreciate the beauty around me.

I continued to watch as I dug potatoes and carrots. I noticed four Mountains on the horses’ water trough, and I shook my head in wonder.  “Where have you guys been all summer?” I said to myself. “I believe I am seeing more Bluebirds today, than I have the entire season!”

As I went about my duties, the birds seemed to be everywhere I was. I caught movement out the corner of my eye, and looked over at the Bluebird box; two mountains were there peaking inside, scurrying around it, and then stopping for a moment to sit on top.  It was like they had stopped by to see the old “summer home” that they were familiar with, but simply had neglected to get to this season.

When I took my vegetables into the house, I paused to look out the window to the deck. There on top of my birdseed carafe sat a male Mountain. That’s when I knew. This was a “God-wink”!  This was my Heavenly Father saying, “Just wanted you to know, I’m thinking of you today.  No worries here.  I’ve got your back.” Or maybe, “I know winter’s coming but don’t forget, I’m still on the Throne.”

I smiled as I went to the kitchen to prepare the carrots and “take care of” - as my Grandma used to say - the rest of my vegetables. As I worked there at the kitchen sink, I noticed a Mountain sitting in my dead, but still standing, Golden Chain. The little male stayed there the whole time I worked in the kitchen…a couple hours at least.  When I became worried that he may have been hurt, he flew to the ground picked up something to eat, and then flew back to the branch.  He did this a couple times, allowing me to enjoy his colorful beauty.

Bella lay asleep at the base of the tree, but the little Mountain didn’t seem to mind.  “Just enjoying my old home”, he seemed to be saying.  “I love it here.  I’m sorry I didn’t make it back sooner this summer.”  I let my imagination flow. Maybe this was the little buddy I had saved from Bella’s mouth a few years ago.

I kept working, expecting him to fly away.  He never did. I was the one to leave first. When I came back, he was finally gone.  But I knew the little guy had stopped by to say hello…and to let me know that they would be back. But most importantly the little bird wanted to tell me, “Our Good God sent me with a message for you today! He told me to tell you, He loves you!  Ha Ha!  And yes, He loves me, too - even if I'm just a little Bluebird and not an oft-mentioned Sparrow!”
6 Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?
7 But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.  Luke 12: 6-7

"Providence takes notice of the meanest creatures, even of the sparrows, and therefore of the smallest interests of the disciples of Christ."  ~ Matthew Henry


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