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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

My Blogging Year in Review complete with listings of the posts that have been read the most, as well as my personal favorites:

Top Three Blogs since I began Blogging in 2010:
1. An Open Letter to the County Fair Board - (I don’t even understand this; sometimes I just wish it would go away.  ;-)  )
2. Touched by Laughter - (My favorite post; simply because of its importance)
3. Hard Evidence - (A gift to my son.)
Top Five Blogs in 2011: 
1. More Little Things
2. And So....
3. Spending Treasure VI - The Innocent
4. Perceptions, Profiles, Politics and "Prophets"? ~ EC-5
A list of my favorite posts from each month that I wrote in 2011:

JanuaryA Walkin’ Talkin’ Country Song And Other Interesting Characters - It’s about my son, what can I say?
February – My favorite post this month: Spending Treasure VI - The Innocent
March – I have two: The Sergeant and the Gentleman: A great humorous story in which I had no part, except writing about it. And In Loving Memory of Mama.
AprilRidin' Shotgun - A post about accepting the fact that my job as “mom” has changed.
MayMore Little Things – My beloved Israel; as well as Appreciating America - "With Elation and With Tears"
June Changing of the Guard, and My List of Things to Do - Spending Treasure IX
JulyThat Which Remains
SeptemberAnd So....; The Real McCoy; I like both of these for different reasons, obviously….they both involve my sister.  And So...., because it is about a beautiful family occasion, when my nephew married his high school sweetheart…and The Real McCoy because it is about such a wonderful memory of an extremely enjoyable evening; but also, because my sister told me how much she enjoyed this post.  That really surprised me…she is not a country music fan. Hmmm... tough month for selecting a favorite…I also liked Labor Day Reflections.  Oh, and Where Were You?  Again, I like this one because of its importance.
OctoberFingernail Moon - Spending Treasure - X
NovemberWinter Joy
DecemberSpending Treasure – A Tender Touch
So there you have my Blogging Year in Review.   I enjoy blogging.  I enjoy writing.  I’m not saying these are the best written posts, they are simply my favorite.  Most of the time, I don’t even know why; probably because I feel passionately about the memories they invoke.

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